“Line By Line” Fiber & Mixed Media Art by Nicole Bunting – April 2022


Natural patterns present the life story of a living object.

A weaving is formed in the same way as a core sample of the earth, the exposed rings of a tree, or my individual fingerprints. Each one of these natural patterns is a physical timeline documenting the world around me.

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Nicole has been teaching people how to weave since 2015. She teaches in-person classes in the Richmond, VA area and online through her website Warped Fibers. You can take a class with Nicole or pick up one of her e-books! Warped Fibers is updated every 1st Wednesday with new weaving tips, projects, and tutorials – all for free!

About Nicole

Nicole is a weaver and fiber artist based in Richmond, VA.

She creates in her home studio but is inspired by the world outside it.

Tessitura Bevilacqua, Venice